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Electric Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging

Charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your own home or business 

Why You Should Consider Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment 

All our EV chargers start from 7.2KW. This means you can charge your EV quickly and efficiently. They are compatible with the UK type 2 EV.  

Smart chargers encourage you to charge your vehicle during the cheaper off-peak hours. You can also keep track energy usage through the app, which we help you set up !

We only offer the best quality EV chargers, all in which come with a minimum manufactures 

warranty of 3 years 

Connect your EV charging system with Solar Panels and benefit from free charging with any surplus solar PV energy 

Fast And Easy to use
Save Money With Smart Charging 
Design That's Built To Last

Charge with pv

OLEV Approved EV Chargers

zappi logo.png

Zappi Smart Charger 

7KW Power 

Three Charging Modes - Eco/ Eco +/ Fast

Works Alongside Solar PV 

Monitoring App 

3 Year Warranty 

Comes in Black or White 


Pulsar Plus Wallbox 

7.4 KW Power 

Recommended for Both Home and Business'

Wallbox Monitoring App

Built In Earthing Protection 

Compact Design 
Comes In Black and White 

Zappi Smart Charger 

22KW Power 

Three Phase 

Built In RCD Protection

Three Charging Modes- Eco/Eco+/Fast

Monitoring App

3 Year Warranty 

Comes In Black and White

Electric Car Charging Station


No questions goes unanswered, contact today for a free quote or any general enquiry 


Opening Hours 

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00


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