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Reduce Your Bills With 
Our Solar PV Packages

Commercial Solar PV

Your Business Powered By Sunshine

What Are The Benefits Of Having Solar On Your Business Property? 

Save Money By Lowering Bills 

By installing solar panels onto your property, you will benefit from reduced electric prices. For every KWH you produce is a KWH you don't pay for! 


Business Usually See A Greater ROI

Unlike households the majority of business properties will use most of their energy during sunlight hours. Therefore the energy being used will come from the PV Panels !


Protect Your Business Against Rising Energy Prices

By generating more of your own energy, you can become less reliant on the grid and the ever rising electric prices 


Improve The Image Of Your Company

With Solar Panels installed on your business property it will show potential customers that your business is environmentally cautious. It will also help lower your carbon footprint!

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Interested In Storing Your Energy ?

You can integrate your solar PV with commercial battery storage units. You'll be able to store any energy the system produces during the sunlight hours, to use at night. This will utilise more of your clean energy and improve sustainability. You can even discharge your batteries stored power during peak hours, meaning even more savings !

Our Most Popular Commercial Solar Packages 
8KW Commercial Solar PV System 
What's included?

8 KW System 

20 X 400W Solar PV Panels

8KW Three Phase Solar Inverter


Insurance Backed Guarantees

Scaffolding / Access Equipment

Handover Pack

10 KW commercial Solar pv system

What's Included?

10 KW System

25 X 400W Solar PV Panles

10KW Three Phase Solar Inverter 


Insurance Backed Guarantees

Scaffolding / Access Equipment 

Handover Pack 

50 kw commercial solar pv system

What's Included ? 

50 KW System 

125 X 400W Solar PV Panels

50KW Three Phase Solar Inverter 


Insurance Backed Guarantees 

Scaffolding / Access Equipment 

Handover Pack 

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