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Exploring Solar Panels
Save Money And Become
More Energy Independant With A Battery

Battery Storage

Store Your Excess Energy With A Battery Storage System 

Battery storage is a great option for PV systems that produce more energy than is being used during daylight hours. When the solar production is high but not much energy is being used within the property, a battery storage system will store the excess energy during the day to be used at night. This is great for those who aren't necessarily at home for most of the day. A battery can typically save an extra 29% on those electric bills. Enquire now to see if you would benefit from a battery installation 

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Solar And Storage 

Solar Pv panel and battery storage systems goes hand in hand with each other. All of residential and commercial solar packages have the option to add battery storage. Batteries work by storing any excess energy you don't use during the day and will distribute that energy at night. Perfect for homeowners who have a typical 9-5 and wont be using much energy during the day. Don't worry though, we can show you your savings/ payback with and without a battery. We offer many different types of battery manufactures and sizes. Find out which suits you best 

Storage Only

Even if you have an existing solar Pv system you can still add battery storage at any time. We have a range of AC coupled and battery storage bundles to suit any system! Enquire today and with just a few simple questions we can find the ideal battery and the estimated savings for you. 

Already have battery storage but would like to add more ? With most batteries you can upgraded the KW size with adding a battery add on. Just simply enquire today, let us know the manufacture and size of your current battery system and we can show the battery add ons that are eligible. 

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Battery Storage Options 
Enquire today about our different battery storage options, our specialise advisors can help make the right choice for you and your system !
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Established in 2011, Growatt is a global leading distributed energy solution provider, specialising in sustainable energy generation, storage and consumption, as well as energy digitalisation

Growatt batteries offers a range of benefits, including: improved discharge and charging efficiency, longer lifespan, increased safety and lightweight design.

The battery can be paired with a twin unit to offer a maximum capacity of 13kWh. 

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Puredrive Energy’s battery is at the heart of all its products, and when packaged with other exclusive Puredrive Energy technical components, helps deliver a set of market leading products that are flexible, robust and offering excellent value for money.


The system has cutting edge technology and software that makes the whole system run seamlessly and keeping imported grid energy to a minimum and maximising your renewable energy consumption.

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PylonTech have been pioneering the global market since 2013 , with over 1GWH of products commissioned in 30 different countries. PylonTech are unique in the fact that they only specialise in battery storage. 

PylonTech batteries have three KW size options. 2.4kw, 3.5kw and 4.8kw. However there's no end in how many you can add on, with a sleek and stackable design this makes a great option for tight space installs 



Givenergy storage systems compliment their own inverters, batteries and state of the art control and monitoring platform. Givenergy's monitoring platform is one of the best in the market. Allowing full monitoring control, firewall updates and site specific settings. Givenergy batteries also work with the 100% green tariff from octopus

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